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University of Richmond - Living-Learning Programs

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Living-learning communities offer opportunities for students with common interests to live together and share learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom. Students connect with their studies on a deeper level and create lasting friendships with classmates and faculty.

COVID-19 Updates

As the University plans for a full residential experience in Fall 2020, the Richmond Endeavor and Sophomore Scholars in Residence (SSIR) programs, will continue to occur. Some changes are likely to occur due to physical distancing and interim University policies.

Be sure to review the Move-In Guide prior to your arrival.

Please visit the COVID-19 website or contact us if you have specific questions.

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The University of Richmond was ranked 旋风加速官网 on the "Learning Communities" list in the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges 2020 guide, highlighting the opportunity for students to take multiple courses as a group, deepening connections with each other and their professors.

The Richmond Endeavor
Messages to the Community
Traveling with an SSIR or LLC
SSIR in the Collegian
Photo Galleries
Sophomore Scholars Travel
Out of the Sea: Belize
The System: Los Angeles
Global Health: Dominican Republic

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Noah Hillerbrand, '18
Bonner Scholar supports Richmond healthcare coalition
Northside Vibes
First-year students write for local newspaper
The Great War, Modernity, and Memory
Sophomores immerse in the study of World War I
Opening Doors in Richmond
Five Spiders work to close the opportunity gap for underserved youth at Higher Achievement
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The System
SSIR course explores society's systems through travel and class projects
SSIR course explores longevity through travel and field study
Soleil Shah, '17
Senior seeks to understand and improve healthcare policy
Three Civic Fellows pursue summer internships connected to the James River
La Casa Hispánica
Students experience cultural immersion
Carly Sibilia, '17
Senior learns the inner workings of wildlife conservation through an internship with Conserve Wildlife Foundation
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Living-learning course takes an interdisciplinary look at disasters and memory
Partnering with local organizations shifts senior's perspective from global to local
Aisha Farooq, '17
Junior explores the juvenile court system through summer internship
Cassandra Ceballos, '17
Junior combines passion for social justice with focus on food systems
Emily Whitted, '16
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Mel Shuaipi, '15
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Emily Gitman, '16
Robins School student named University of Richmond's first-ever Scholar-Athlete of the Year
Remi Pomaranski, '16
A yearlong SSIR, two internships, and a summer of research on modern-day slavery helped focus Remi Pomaranski's interests in human rights
Sharon Lim, '16
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There are no events currently scheduled.

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